Members Area

Please review the COVID-19 rules here


To book courts at the Fergus Tennis Club, you must create a member account and use the GameTime booking software. 

Please note: to create your member log-in, you will need to provide the Member Number(s) e-mailed to you immediately upon purchase of your membership.  

Ready to hit the courts?  CLICK HERE to get started with GameTime and set up your player profile! 

Get Familiar With GameTime!

We highly encourage you to review our GameTime How-To Guide for Members — this document will give you step-by-step instructions for booking courts, adjusting your personal profile, and more.  If you still have questions (after reviewing the How-To Guide), OR if you have issues with your member log-in, please contact  


Ball machine memberships (available on a single-month or full-season basis) are available here. 

When booking courts, please also familiarize yourself with the following Booking Rules/Quotas:

  • Bookings are allowed up to 7 days in advance.
  • Maximum 4 bookings allowed per week (rolling).
  • Maximum 2 prime time (PT) bookings per week (rolling).
  • Last-minute bookings (within 2 hours of play) are exempt from the above quota.
  • Cancellation/Edit threshold (up to 4 hours in advance of play — for weather or any other reason) are exempt from quota.
  • Lessons, clinics, and leagues are exempt from quota.
  • Ball machine is bookable on courts 1 & 3 only.
  • 60-minute maximum for singles (or solo) play; 90-minute maximum for doubles play (4 players’ names are required to book a 90-minute slot).
  • Back-to-back court bookings (with the same players) are NOT allowed.
  • ALL player names are to be included on the court reservation — the club MUST have accurate records of who was on the courts for Covid-19 contact tracing purposes.

The above rules have been put in place to ensure that ALL members are able to enjoy the courts and get equal access to court time.  We have a record number of members this season (with lots of programming!) — this will make court times busier than ever, and having everyone’s cooperation in following the booking rules will make sure everyone has a great time at the club this year.